Monday, January 19, 2015

Tommy's Hot Mom

"It's not to late to change your mind." a husky voice accompanied by an electric hum hissed through hidden speakers.

"Well..." Tommy's mother grew impatient.

'So many choices' Tommy thought as he scanned the drive-thru menu. He could see his mom's face turning a slow red. "Okay already... I'll take the double cheese with extra pickles, no onions or lettuce or mayo on a toasted bun with curly fries and a medium Squirt with little ice."

"Good call, little dude." said the voice, "And, what can I get for you pretty lady."

Tommy saw his mom's face turn a different shade of red and watched her fuss with her hair, checking her makeup in the rearview mirror before she replied, "Well, Eddie... what do you recommend... any specials?" she finished with a flirty chuckle.

'Oh good grief' Tommy groaned within himself cupping his eyes and shaking his head side-to-side, 'having a hot momma is so embarrassing'.

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