Monday, January 19, 2015

Opening lines...

Anyone aspiring to be an author or even a well published one will tell you that the opening line to any written work, whether fiction or non, must capture the reader's attention. This is generally referred to as 'a hook'.

When I am sitting and considering what to write I practice writing opening lines. I use them as prompts to see where they take me. I have decided that I would start posting some of my opening lines and see what you, my friends think about them. You are welcome to use them as prompts as well and should you craft a fine tale using one or more please feel free to use them as you will. I only ask that you send me a copy of your story so that I can enjoy your creativity as well.

Here are just a few with the title of possible works included:

Few things are more frightening than seeing your own blood, especially if you cannot see the puncture wound. 

Deaf from the explosion and unable to move because of the rubble that had pushed me into a corner before burying me up to my neck, I saw that I was looking down toward my feet with my left eye while looking up into the darkening sky with my right.

Even sitting on the porch at the opposite side of the house I could hear my grandfather choking down his liquid lunch, the failed removal of a cancerous growth in his throat made it impossible for him to eat.

I sensed the music coming from somewhere below me long before I heard it.

Jammed into a garden loveseat with my ponderous and funny Aunt Fanny, I tried to not fidget or act up doing my best to ignore the appalled looks upon many of the faces of her audience as she enthusiastically recounted stories of our comical relatives while repeatedly releasing gastric reminders of an earlier meal with all of the subtlety of a trumpeter swan.

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