Monday, April 29, 2013

A Woman Is As Strong As ___________?

A few moments ago I clicked on an email link that took me to:

While there I read Bette's endearing article honoring her mother. At the end of the article she asked for readers to submit comments as contest entries using the prompt: "A woman is as strong as ____________ ?" 

Almost everyone who commented wrote of their strong mothers. I did as well.

At first, I was unsure whether I should post a comment because the contest was listed as "for the girls". But, I felt compelled to honor my strong mother and one of my prime heroes. 

Over the years I have come to know that I get my quiet inner strength from my mother, along with my desire to serve... those whom GOD has so graciously allowed in my life, no matter how brief the encounter and my Lord and Savior King Jesus Christ.

I don't personally know of anyone as strong in their faith as my mother. She has overcome so much and recently defeated colon cancer. She never complains and is the only person I know who practices the old saw: "If you can't say something nice about someone, then don't say anything at all." She has held her family to this same standard, though I constantly fall short, I continue to do my best to honor her wishes.

I remember a time when I was a teen and my older brother John and I were arguing about something I no longer have a memory of when I called my brother a jerk. My dear little 4'8" Japanese mama walked up to me with a stern face and pointed at me and said, "That's your brother, so what does that make you?"

I replied as I often did, incorrectly. Through gritted teeth I said, "The brother of a jerk."

Mama proceeded to judo-slap me so hard that my head shoulda spun like the little girl character in the movie: The Exorcist. 

Now that I am much older I have come to realize that my brother is not a jerk and never was. He is a wonderful brother, husband, and father. My admiration for him grows daily... as does my love and gratefulness for my strong mother.

I pray everyone can feel and say the same of their mothers.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Protect Your Hearts...

It has been raining quite a bit lately... and the rain has come down hard and heavy. There is flooding throughout the area, but so far, we are still unaffected. Chicago is experiencing major flooding and incoming flights are being cancelled. I just saw a news report showing a sinkhole that opened up on the South Side, it swallowed a car, the driver suffered minor injuries, and then two more cars and drivers piled in atop the first one. From the roadside view, the crumpled rear portion of a silver or white car could barely be seen. OUCH!

This morning I awoke to news that a fertilizer plant down in Waco, Texas blew up like an atom bomb in the midst of firefighters working to put out the original fire. They are still unsure of the amount of casualties to both firefighters and local residents. Latest estimates were 5-15 dead, mostly firefighters, and 180 injured. Whole blocks of houses were blown apart by the blast impact. Most of the residents were eating their evening meal when this occurred. According to an ex-CDC director, the scene is much like the aftermath of a battle.

Just the other day our nation was jolted by a horrific unprovoked attack upon the City of Boston during its most celebrated annual event: The Boston Marathon. Two of four bombs placed within trash receptacles at the finish line exploded killing and maiming many people. I don't know the count... my heart was heavy enough after the three funerals I attended last week. I had to turn away from the television news reports. So far, they are still investigating in hopes of discovering the perpetrator(s). It is being treated as a terrorist act. Several of my friends who work in large cities like Chicago, were sent home from work early in fear of there being other attacks around the country.

All I can say is how horrific are any such attacks no matter where they occur. There prime purpose is to instill fear into the populace and governments. I might revisit this subject in a different post. For now I want to remind you that Jesus Christ said that in the end or latter times that people's hearts would fail them because of fear. And, I see that this is certainly the case. Heart attacks and strokes are still the leading cause of death in our society and the trend is continuing to climb at an alarming rate, especially among women.

Jesus also told us to not let our hearts be troubled or afraid when we see or experience these horrible situations of disastrous proportions in weather, industrial accidents, wars, and acts of terrorism. He told us to keep our eyes on Him and trust in Him as we trust in God and He would see us through these times... for He declared that He has already overcome the evil, the pain, and the tragedies of this world.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Winter of Springtime

This past Friday, April 12, 2013, I attended two funerals. One was a close friend and fellow church member, the other was a close friend and family. Both were strong, beautiful women as was the one who had her memorial the previous Saturday, April 6th. She was the mother of one of my best childhood friends.

Wowsers... three awesome saints gone within a few days. God bless their families and friends.

The weather on Friday was unusually cold with mixed rain and sleet. Not the best weather to be standing by a gravesite. Still in retrospect, perhaps even nature mourned along with us at the loss of the presence of these precious souls? It is a nice thought that warms me while the lingering winter still chills me.

Have a wonder filled life and be sure and enjoy those around you. Shalom.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

MIA or What?

Sorry for being missing-in-action... but, I have been exceptionally busy with other projects as well as still dealing with kidney stones and pain... lots and lots of pain.

I thought getting a laptop would help me to keep up with things here in cyberspace. So far, I am still off the main shipping lanes hoping to get back in the groove soon.

Haven't even had opportunity to start taking the new writing course I posted about earlier.

To those who've been checking out my blog and finding it static and stale, I apologize with all of the sincerity I can and thank you for your patience hoping you will come back again. I do have some new short stories I am working on and one for the new KINDLE ALL-STARS ANTHOLOGY: FanaticFiction. This anthology is open to EVERYONE who wants to submit a story. Find out how on our fearless leader's official blog post here: Klaatu Barada Necktie, Mother Frakkers

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Thanks again for stopping by, should we not connect again, have a wonder filled life.