Monday, January 19, 2015

Easing back into writing...

It  has been over a year since I did any real writing, creative or otherwise. The pain and pain medication I was taking to alleviate a lengthy bout of kidney stones and eight bulging discs (4 upper and 4 lower... it's nice to know my body does its best to stay balanced :)) in my spine sapped me of my desire to write more than a snippet or two.

I spent most of my time laying in bed playing video games on my XBox360. Fun... yeah, but not very fulfilling. My main desktop computer died and I was unable to make the proper repairs so I offline for months... how many? I haven't a clue. I stopped all social media interactions prior to my forced sabbatical and became a hermit. Other than a blog or two I don't know if I can transition back into a social butterfly. It is not that I no longer wish to make new friends and strengthen the relationships I have with so many wonderful writers, authors, and just good folk from around the world that I have allowed to go fallow due to my absence, it is simply not having the motivation to do so. I hope this is due to my continuing recovery... I am now sitting typing this on a resurrected laptop in a recliner in my living room. A big step up... typing while prone just doesn't cut it.

To all of my friends who are still interested in being my friends I thank you... and, to the rest of you that have moved on, I will miss you and you have my best regards in your future endeavors and relationships.

Cheers & Ciao for now.

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