Monday, March 4, 2013

I started this blog with the hopes of gathering together a reflection of myself through a collection of stories, witticisms, snarks & rants, and other musings all in one place. So far, it has not been working out as I'd hoped. But, I am not dismayed. If nothing else, being on this earth for 60 years has taught me that some things just take more time and more effort than we first imagine. And, those things that time the longest are either projects we never should have started because we haven't the passionate interest to complete them, or they are the projects that like a crafting a wondrous tapestry, comes together in all its brilliance, color, and shades of nuance telling a great story over the course of a lifetime.

My hopes are that this blog will be the latter. I don't know if anyone will read this or anything else I write. Yet, I will write it anyway. I cannot keep what is in my heart to myself forever and I do not wish to pass from this earth with my song still unsung or my stories untold.

I have been experiencing some mechanical difficulties of late, dealing with kidney stones and related issues for over 6 months now. Having ADD/ADHD as well as being a bit wonky does not always help to keep me consistent... but, it tries its best to keep me unfashionably late and forgetful.

Thank God, I am so blessed to have my beloved wife, Cathie to keep me on even keel. I would be lost without her... and, my life barren and bereft of the joy and laughter we share together. I have dedicated this blog to her and our journey together as much as to myself and my egocentric yearnings.

If you do read my posts, I thank you in advance.

I cannot promise you will see what you like or that you will see only the best of me... but, I can promise that you will see the truth of me through my words, even amidst the fictional tales.

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