Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Winter of Springtime

This past Friday, April 12, 2013, I attended two funerals. One was a close friend and fellow church member, the other was a close friend and family. Both were strong, beautiful women as was the one who had her memorial the previous Saturday, April 6th. She was the mother of one of my best childhood friends.

Wowsers... three awesome saints gone within a few days. God bless their families and friends.

The weather on Friday was unusually cold with mixed rain and sleet. Not the best weather to be standing by a gravesite. Still in retrospect, perhaps even nature mourned along with us at the loss of the presence of these precious souls? It is a nice thought that warms me while the lingering winter still chills me.

Have a wonder filled life and be sure and enjoy those around you. Shalom.


  1. There not feeling no pain now. And in paradise there probably seeing nothing to remind them of this present pain.
    All is well that ends well, and if your end is heaven then it's all good. Still mourning and grief is for those still in the condition of mortality and this temporal realm. Be encouraged.

  2. Doogie. What a wonderful outlook you have on life. There would be no wars if everyone thought as you do. I never cease learniing Godly lessons from you.

    Bless you and Cathie with bleesings and hugs.

    Pee Wee